Agastya has been researching the existence of extra-terrestrials for years but has never found conclusive proof to make the rest of the scientific establishment sit up and take note. He returns home to his tiny village with his wife Diva and continues his tireless work, hoping one day to put his close-knit community on the map. All Agastya needs is a sign from the heavens that he is not alone but if aliens did answer his call, would he like their response?

Directed by Shirish Kunder

Starring Farah Khan, Chitrangda Singh, Akshay Kumar, Minissha Lamba, Sonakshi Sinha, Shreyas Talpade


103 mins

Joker at the Everyman Barnet

Everyman Barnet

Great North Road, Barnet

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Joker at the Everyman Barnet

Date Times
Tue 22nd
  • 12:00pm
  • 3:15pm
  • 5:45pm
  • 8:00pm
Wed 23rd
  • 11:30am
  • 2:30pm
  • 5:30pm
  • 8:45pm
Thu 24th
  • 10:45am
  • 2:30pm
  • 5:30pm
  • 8:30pm

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