Tulip Fever

Tulip Fever

6.2 out of 10

Drama Orphan Sophia is raised by the nuns of St Ursula in mid-17th century Amsterdam at a time when the most precious and widely traded commodity is tulip bulbs. She reluctantly accepts a marriage proposal from wealthy merchant Cornelis Sandvoort, who will pay safe passage for Sophia's relatives to live in New Amsterdam in exchange for a male heir. Cornelis commissions local artist Jan van Loos to paint a portrait of his blissful union and the painter falls deliriously under the spell of virginal Sophie.

Directed by Justin Chadwick

Starring Dane DeHaan, Alicia Vikander, Jack O'Connell, Christoph Waltz


105 mins
15 certificate

Tulip Fever at the Vue Finchley Road (O2 Centre)

Vue Finchley Road (O2 Centre)

02 Centre, 241-279 Finchley Road

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Tulip Fever at the Vue Finchley Road (O2 Centre)

Date Times
Tue 11th
  • 2:15pm
  • 5:45pm
Wed 12th
  • 4:20pm
  • 6:10pm
Thu 13th
  • 12:35pm
  • 6:25pm

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