London Unplugged + Q&A

London Unplugged + Q&A

Drama Made in conjunction with community groups, London Unplugged is a tightly woven anthology of shorts by emerging filmmakers, predominantly featuring strong female characters, which are set against the backdrop of different boroughs of the capital. The segments are directed by Rosanna Lowe, Kaki Wong, Qi Zhang, Gaelle Mourre, Andrew Cryan, George Taylor, Nick Cohen, Mitch Crawford, Layke Anderson, Natalie Casali and Ben Jacobson.

Directed by Natalia Casali, Layke Anderson, Nick Cohen, Mitchell Crawford, Gaelle Mourre, Kaki Wong, Qi Zhang, Rosanna Lowe, Ben Jacobson, Andres Heger-Bratterud

Starring Dmitra Barla, Jeremy Azoulay, Chris Barritt


86 mins

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London Unplugged + Q&A at the Everyman Baker Street

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Mon 25th
  • 7:15pm