Captain Marvel (Subtitled)

Captain Marvel (Subtitled)

Action US Air Force pilot Carol Danvers takes to the skies with good friend Maria Rambeau, pushing her body to the limit to protect her country. Fate propels Carol far from home to an alien world ruled by a shape-shifting race known as The Kree, where she joins an elite military unit called Starforce. Operating under her mentor, Carol hones her superhuman strength and fighting skills. Her time with the Kree is cut short and Carol returns to 1995 Earth with fragmented memories of her past.

Directed by Anna Boden, Ryan Fleck

Starring Brie Larson, Gemma Chan, Samuel L Jackson, Jude Law


124 mins
12A certificate

Captain Marvel (Subtitled) at the Odeon Uxbridge

Odeon Uxbridge

The Chimes Shopping Centre, Uxbridge

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Captain Marvel (Subtitled) at the Odeon Uxbridge

Date Times
Fri 22nd
  • 4:00pm
Wed 27th
  • 7:00pm

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