Fisherman's Friends

Fisherman's Friends

Comedy London-based music executive Danny heads to Port Isaac in Cornwall on a boozy stag weekend with his boss Troy, colleague Driss and boorish groom-to-be Henry. The stag party witnesses locals singing sea shanties in the harbour and Troy jokingly suggests Danny should offer the swarthy fishermen a record deal. Danny falls hook, line and sinker for Troy's prank and records Jim, Jago, Rowan, Leadville and the rest of the group in a local church, where acoustics are perfect.

Directed by Chris Foggin

Starring Tuppence Middleton, Daniel Mays, James Purefoy, David Hayman


112 mins
12A certificate

Fisherman's Friends at the Vue Croydon Grants

Vue Croydon Grants

High Street, Croydon

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Fisherman's Friends at the Vue Croydon Grants

Date Times
Fri 22nd
  • 11:05am
  • 2:20pm
Sat 23rd
  • 5:40pm
  • 8:40pm
Sun 24th
  • 3:10pm
  • 5:40pm
Mon 25th
  • 10:50am
  • 12:55pm
  • 3:50pm
  • 6:00pm
Tue 26th
  • 11:15am
  • 2:20pm
  • 6:00pm
Wed 27th
  • 11:50am
  • 3:15pm
  • 5:50pm
Thu 28th
  • 12:40pm
  • 2:45pm
  • 6:55pm

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