7.3 out of 10

Horror Adelaide Wilson and her husband Gabe head to their beach house with children Zora and Jason to spend time with good friends Josh and Kitty Tyler and their two daughters. Late one night, four shadowy figures materialise in the driveway and Gabe attempts to scare away the interlopers. His bravado comes to naught because the new arrivals are the Wilsons' gnarled doppelgangers Red, Abraham, Umbrae and Pluto.

Directed by Jordan Peele

Starring Lupita Nyong'o, Elisabeth Moss, Shahadi Wright Joseph, Winston Duke, Evan Alex


116 mins
15 certificate

Us at the Vue Staines

Vue Staines

Two Rivers Retail Park, Mustard Mill Road, Staines

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Us at the Vue Staines

Date Times
Thu 18th
  • 8:00pm
  • 9:15pm
  • 11:25pm
Fri 19th
  • 5:40pm
  • 8:05pm
  • 10:45pm
Sat 20th
  • 7:20pm
  • 9:00pm
  • 11:35pm
Sun 21st
  • 8:15pm
  • 11:15pm
Mon 22nd
  • 6:25pm
  • 9:00pm
  • 11:15pm
Tue 23rd
  • 2:10pm
  • 9:15pm
  • 11:15pm
Wed 24th
  • 9:25pm

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