4.6 out of 10

Romance Bright yellow cab Wheely dreams of burning rubber in his hometown of Gasket City alongside best friend Putt Putt. The elite cars in town look down their bonnets at Wheely and every time he puts a pedal to the metal, the taxi falls foul of the law. During one of his drives, Wheely is bewitched by beautiful Italian model Bella di Monetti. Alas, Bella remains out of reach. In this midst of his swoon, Wheely screeches into trouble when faces down 18-wheeler truck and crime syndicate leader Kaiser.

Directed by Yusry Abdul Halim

Starring Gavin Yap, Ogie Banks, Frances Lee


90 mins
PG certificate

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Wheely at the Electric Cinema Shoreditch

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Sun 26th
  • 12:00pm

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Wheely at the Electric Cinema

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Sat 25th
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