7 out of 10

Documentary The Ama are free-diving underwater fisherwomen, who forage for pearls and abalone without the benefit of breathing apparatus as part of an ancient tradition dating back 2000 years. This documentary travels to the Shima peninsula to meet three women of different ages, who having been diving in this traditional fashion for 30 years and challenging the role of women in Japanese society with their daring actions.

Directed by Claudia Varejao

Starring Masumi Shibahara, Matsumi Koiso, Mayumi Mitsuhashi


112 mins

Ama-San at the ICA Cinema

ICA Cinema

The Mall

020 7930 3647

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Ama-San at the ICA Cinema

Date Times
Tue 28th
  • 3:45pm
Thu 30th
  • 2:20pm

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