The Secret Life Of Pets 2

The Secret Life Of Pets 2

Comedy Mischievous terrier Max and lolloping mongrel Duke are delighted when their owner Katie marries her boyfriend Chuck. The couple raise a baby boy called Liam, who Max vows to protect. The family heads out of Manhattan to visit Chuck's uncle on a farm, where Max faces canine-intolerant cows, lackadaisical sheep and vicious foxes. Thankfully, veteran farm dog Rooster helps Max to overcome his insecurities and unleash the hero within.

Directed by Jonathan del Val, Chris Renaud

Starring Eric Stonestreet, Kevin Hart, Patton Oswalt, Lake Bell, Tiffany Haddish


86 mins
U certificate

The Secret Life Of Pets 2 at the Vue Romford

Vue Romford

The Brewery, Romford

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The Secret Life Of Pets 2 at the Vue Romford

Date Times
Sun 16th
  • 9:15am
  • 11:00am
  • 12:40pm
  • 1:30pm
  • 2:45pm
  • 3:55pm
  • 6:15pm
Mon 17th
  • 10:45am
  • 11:05am
  • 1:30pm
  • 3:20pm
  • 5:20pm
  • 7:25pm
Tue 18th
  • 10:20am
  • 12:20pm
  • 2:20pm
  • 4:15pm
  • 5:10pm
  • 5:55pm
  • 7:30pm
Wed 19th
  • 11:10am
  • 1:25pm
  • 3:55pm
Thu 20th
  • 10:10am
  • 10:55am
  • 11:55am
  • 1:55pm
  • 3:55pm
  • 4:35pm
  • 6:00pm

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