7 out of 10

Horror Teenager Maggie approaches local woman Sue Ann to buy alcohol for her underage classmates. Instead, Sue Ann invites Maggie and pals Haley, Darrell and Chaz to her large house to party in the basement. The youngsters seize the opportunity and are delighted by Sue Ann's hospitality. The owner has three rules: no-one is allowed upstairs in the main house, at least one of the group must stay sober and everyone should address her as "Ma".

Directed by Tate Taylor

Starring Luke Evans, Diana Silvers, Octavia Spencer, Juliette Lewis


99 mins
15 certificate

Ma at the Vue Westfield London

Vue Westfield London

Westfield Shopping Town, Ariel Way

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Ma at the Vue Westfield London

Date Times
Sun 16th
  • 10:35am
  • 8:30pm
  • 11:15pm
Mon 17th
  • 10:15am
  • 1:15pm
  • 6:00pm
  • 9:15pm
  • 11:15pm
Tue 18th
  • 11:40am
  • 2:30pm
  • 6:20pm
  • 9:15pm
  • 11:15pm
Wed 19th
  • 12:40pm
  • 4:00pm
  • 11:35pm
Thu 20th
  • 10:50am
  • 3:50pm
  • 9:40pm
  • 11:40pm

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