The Chambermaid (Parent And Baby Screening)

The Chambermaid (Parent And Baby Screening)

7 out of 10

Drama Evelia is one of the chambermaids at a luxury hotel in Mexico City and is largely invisible to guests, except for one Argentine mother who expects Evelia to temporarily look after her newborn baby. For the most part, Evelia does as she is told, carrying out onerous duties without drawing attention to herself so she can send money back home to her four-year-old son. When she isn't picking up other people's mess, Evelia takes advantage of classes organised by the hotel.

Directed by Lila Aviles

Starring Agustina Quinci, Gabriela Cartol, Teresa Sanchez


102 mins
15 certificate

The Chambermaid (Parent And Baby Screening) is not currently showing anywhere.