Oldboy (2003 Film)

Oldboy (2003 Film)

8.4 out of 10

Thriller Oh is kidnapped on the way home to his wife and child. He is subsequently incarcerated for 15 years, for a crime he did not commit. Upon his release, Oh is hell-bent on revenge but fate has some nasty surprises up its sleeve for him and his loved ones. As Lady Luck deserts him in his hour of need, Oh lashes out with increasing ferocity, leaving a trail of bludgeoned bodies in his wake.

Directed by Park Chan-wook, Chan-wook Park

Starring Choi Min-sik, Yu Ji-tae, Kang Hye-jeong, Hye-jeong Kang, Ji-tae Yu, Min-sik Choi


120 mins
18 certificate

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