Angel Has Fallen

Angel Has Fallen

Action Secret Service agent Mike Banning joins US President Allan Trumbull, who has abandoned the corridors of power in Washington DC for the peace and quiet of a fishing excursion. A meticulously orchestrated drone attack decimates the security detail and almost results in Trumbull's assassination. When Mike regains consciousness after his ordeal, he is in handcuffs, accused of the attempted murder of the most powerful man in America.

Directed by Ric Roman Waugh

Starring Gerard Butler, Piper Perabo, Morgan Freeman, Danny Huston


121 mins
15 certificate

Angel Has Fallen at the Vue Westfield London

Vue Westfield London

Westfield Shopping Town, Ariel Way

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Angel Has Fallen at the Vue Westfield London

Date Times
Wed 16th
  • 11:20am
Thu 17th
  • 10:45am
Sat 19th
  • 11:40pm
Sun 20th
  • 11:15pm
Mon 21st
  • 10:20am
Wed 23rd
  • 9:35am

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