6.5 out of 10

Drama Celebrated lawyer Claudio operates in a quiet provincial town in 1970s Argentina, where locals often band together to support one another. During a meal at a restaurant with his wife Susana, Claudio is verbally attacked by a belligerent stranger, who subsequently targets the couple during the drive home. A senseless act of violence and a body dumped in the desert pique the interest of Detective Sinclair.

Directed by Benjamin Naishtat

Starring Diego Cremonesi, Alfredo Castro, Andrea Frigerio, Dario Grandinetti


109 mins
15 certificate

Rojo at the ICA Cinema

ICA Cinema

The Mall

020 7930 3647

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Rojo at the ICA Cinema

Date Times
Tue 24th
  • 6:40pm
Thu 26th
  • 8:45pm

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