Joker (Subtitled)

Joker (Subtitled)

8.9 out of 10

Drama Arthur Fleck is a clown by day and an aspiring stand-up comedian by night, who is repeatedly discarded by uncaring denizens of Gotham City. Mentally unstable and disenfranchised, Arthur returns home to care for his ailing mother and fan the flames of romance with a single mother, who lives down the hall. An impromptu act of violence on a subway train propels Arthur into the glare of the media's eye and he sparks a wave of brutality across the city that confirms his worst fears: Gotham is damned.

Directed by Todd Phillips

Starring Zazie Beetz, Joaquin Phoenix, Robert De Niro, Frances Conroy


122 mins
15 certificate

Joker (Subtitled) at the Everyman Walton On Thames

Everyman Walton On Thames

High Street, Walton-on-Thames

0871 906 9060

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Joker (Subtitled) at the Everyman Walton On Thames

Date Times
Thu 17th
  • 5:15pm

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