21 Bridges

21 Bridges

6.5 out of 10

Action Ray and his buddy Michael receive a tip-off that a restaurant in New York has 30 kilograms of cocaine hidden in a safe. They storm the premises after hours and point a gun at the head of a waiter, who gives them the key to the safe. Inside they find 300 kilograms of narcotics. A police patrol happens to pass by and bullets fly, resulting in the deaths of eight officers. Ray and Michael go on the run with NYPD Detective Andre Davis and narcotics division officer Frankie Burns in hot pursuit.

Directed by Brian Kirk

Starring Sienna Miller, Taylor Kitsch, Chadwick Boseman, JK Simmons


99 mins
15 certificate

21 Bridges at the Vue Islington

Vue Islington

Parkfield Street

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21 Bridges at the Vue Islington

Date Times
Sat 7th
  • 11:20pm
Sun 8th
  • 9:15pm
  • 11:40pm
Mon 9th
  • 12:25pm
  • 9:40pm
  • 10:40pm
Tue 10th
  • 1:15pm
  • 10:05pm
  • 12:10am
Wed 11th
  • 10:05pm
  • 12:30am
Thu 12th
  • 11:35am
  • 2:30pm

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