6.2 out of 10

Action Captain Lucien oversees a drilling station positioned close to the Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean. When a massive earthquake hits, the structure suffers significant damage. Lucien and his crew, including mechanical engineers Nora Price and Rodrigo Nagenda, biologist Emily Haversham, engineer Liam Smith and Paul Abel, prepare to don pressurised bodysuits to undertake a perilous one-mile walk along the ocean floor. In the darkness, the crew encounter a terrifying new species.

Directed by William Eubank

Starring TJ Miller, Jessica Henwick, Vincent Cassel, Kristen Stewart


95 mins
15 certificate

Underwater at the Vue Romford

Vue Romford

The Brewery, Romford

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Underwater at the Vue Romford

Date Times
Wed 19th
  • 5:50pm
Thu 20th
  • 4:10pm
Fri 21st
  • 6:05pm
  • 11:05pm
Sat 22nd
  • 11:25pm
Sun 23rd
  • 11:30pm
Tue 25th
  • 10:15pm
Wed 26th
  • 3:25pm
  • 11:40pm
Thu 27th
  • 12:30pm
  • 10:15pm

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