5.3 out of 10

Action Disgraced feline secret agent Vladimir is removed from active duty and demoted to guard duties for a top-secret classified material called Radiuzite on an offshore platform. Vladimir licks his wounds in the company of an enthusiastic rookie partner, a rat named Hector. Alas, the Radiuzite is stolen by high-tech thieves on Vladimir and Hector's watch and the two operatives put their obvious differences aside to complete a fast-paced mission impawsible.

Directed by Guillaume Ivernel

Starring Davy Mourier, Karen Strassman, Monsieur Poulpe


99 mins
PG certificate

Spycies at the Vue Dagenham

Vue Dagenham

Dagenham Leisure Park, Cook Road, Dagenham

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Spycies at the Vue Dagenham

Date Times
Thu 20th
  • 10:50am

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