Madame De...

Madame De...

7.9 out of 10
Madame De...

Comtesse Louise, the wife of General Andre, has amassed considerable debts through her lavish lifestyle and she decides to settle some of these arrears by selling diamond earrings, which were a wedding present from her husband. The jeweller contacts the General and offers to sell him back the jewels, and he in turns gifts them to his mistress Lola, who is leaving for Constantinople and will therefore not cross paths with Louise.

Directed by Max Ophuls

Starring Charles Boyer, Danielle Darrieux, Lia De Leo, Vittorio De Sica


105 mins

Madame De... at the BFI Southbank

BFI Southbank

Belvedere Road, South Bank

020 7928 3232

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Madame De... at the BFI Southbank

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Thu 20th
  • 8:40pm

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