Dean Spanley

Dean Spanley

7.2 out of 10

Fisk Junior makes regular visits to his cantankerous father Fisk Senior but is always at a loss about how to amuse the curmudgeonly old man. So during one visit, he drags his father out to a lecture on the transmigration of souls, where the two men meet pillar of the community, Dean Spanley, whose extraordinary life suggests curious parallels with Fisk Senior. Suitably intrigued, the son enlists the help of his good friend Wrather to procure a bottle of the rare Imperial Tokay, in order to lure the Dean to dinner. With the nectar flowing freely, the holy man makes a shocking disclosure which brings tears to the eyes of the master of the house.

Directed by Toa Fraser

Starring Jeremy Northam, Peter O'Toole, Sam Neill, Bryan Brown, Judy Parfitt, Ramon Tikaram, Art Malik


100 mins

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