There Will Be Blood 35mm

There Will Be Blood 35mm

8.2 out of 10

Drama At the turn of the 20th century, Daniel Plainview has made a small fortune by drilling for oil: buying vast plots of land and draining them dry of black gold. A tip-off leads Daniel and his 10-year-old son H.W. to a rural community in the thrall of charismatic preacher Eli Sunday. Daniel establishes one of his rigs and taps into a huge underground reserve of oil, which he hopes to sell via an ambitious pipeline across the state. However, the tug of war between business and the church threatens the entire enterprise, pitting Daniel against an increasingly evangelical Eli in a battle for the residents' hearts and minds.

Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson

Starring Paul Dano, Kevin J O'Connor, Daniel Day-Lewis, Dillon Freasier


158 mins
15 certificate

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