The Price Of Everything

The Price Of Everything

7.1 out of 10

Documentary Some of the sums commanded by contemporary artists at auction defy belief. To those of us outside this rarefied world, there seems to be no obvious rationale how one work is priced against another. Filmmaker Nathaniel Kahn immerses himself in this creative bubble by spending time with artists as well as collectors, dealers and auctioneers to better understand the money-driven desires of the modern art world and those that inhabit the space.

Directed by Nathaniel Kahn


99 mins
12A certificate

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ICA Cinema

The Mall

020 7930 3647

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The Price Of Everything at the ICA Cinema

Date Times
Thu 13th
  • 3:45pm

The Price Of Everything at the Curzon Bloomsbury

Date Times
Thu 13th
  • 8:30pm