Disobedience (Parent And Baby Screening)

Disobedience (Parent And Baby Screening)

6.6 out of 10

Drama New York-based photographer Ronit Krushka flies home to London at short notice to honour the death of her estranged father Rav. Childhood friend Dovid Kuperman offers her a room during this period of mourning and he welcomes Ronit into his home shared with his dutiful wife, Esti. The two women were secret lovers but Esti was persuaded by Rav to turn her back on her desires and marry Dovid. Living under the same roof, Ronit and Esti reignite their affair and risk the wrath of the elders.

Directed by Sebastian Lelio

Starring Rachel McAdams, Rachel Weisz, Alessandro Nivola


114 mins
15 certificate

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