Harvie And The Magic Museum

Harvie And The Magic Museum

5.6 out of 10

Comedy Harvie is fanatical about computer games and he hopes to impress his absent-minded father Mr Spejbl, who runs the local puppet museum, by gaining admission to the Gamers' Hall of Fame. When the mayor orders the demolition of the puppet museum, Harvie, his best friend Monica and trusty pooch Jerry tour the bowels of the building and discover an artefact that magically brings the puppets to life. Suddenly, Harvie has a menagerie of mechanised friends to help him realise his dreams.

Directed by Martin Kotik, Inna Evlannikova

Starring Martin Dejdar, Ota Jirak, Martin Klasek


87 mins
U certificate

Harvie And The Magic Museum is not currently showing anywhere.