Tara Mira

Tara Mira

6.6 out of 10

Drama Sulakhan Singh is a proud and outspoken member of the Jat people in Ludhiana, who wants to exile Biharis. He passes down this disdain to his son Tara, who falls in love with a beautiful girl called Mira. Tara believes that Mira is also Jat but he eventually learns that the object of his affections is Bihari. Faced with the intolerance of his old man, Tara orchestrates a hare-brained scheme to change his father's opinion. Mira and her family will pretend to be Jat in the run up to the wedding.

Directed by Rajiev Dhingra

Starring Ranjit Bawa, Nazia Hussain


120 mins

Tara Mira is not currently showing anywhere.