Futro Z Misia

Futro Z Misia

Comedy Nerwowy is the head of the mafia in the Podhale region. As his name suggests, he is perpetually unsettled and jittery. His unease is well placed when his men foolishly target a police station in Tczew to "liberate" 120kg of marijuana from the holding room. Instead, the goons leave with 120kg of herbal tea because someone else has already pilfered the narcotics. Agents Dzik and Zubr from the Central Bureau of Investigation are swiftly on the trail of Nerwowy's men.

Directed by Kacper Anuszewski, Michal Milowicz

Starring Olaf Lubaszenko, Michal Milowicz, Przemyslaw Sadowski

102 mins
15 certificate

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